ALTEN, Gold certified Microsoft Partner


ALTEN has partnered with Microsoft to offer solutions accelerating IT/OT convergence and the digitalization of its clients’ services. The Group has achieved Gold level, the highest certification, on seven competencies, as well as Silver level on one competency. These certifications, awarded in recognition of the ALTEN teams’ expertise, in particular in Cloud and Data Services and Development of Microsoft solutions, have also been given for the Group’s initiatives supporting its employees’ training.

A bilateral partnership: expertise in service of new professional horizons

Since February 2021, ALTEN has been working hand in hand with Microsoft to develop a supportive bilateral partnership strategy.



Firstly, the创造和提供content for training and certification purposes, to support the Group’s consultants in their improvement of these trending technologies:over several months, more than 50 people were certified through the platforms implemented.Experts in Data, Cloud, Security: these were the relevant profiles. Within this trained workforce, ALTEN also wanted to integrate business managers and recruiters in order to have a solid base to support the consultants in developing their skills, and clients in identifying their Cloud-related technical and technological challenges.

Secondly, the development of dedicated solutions and offers within the Microsoft scope, to provide clients with a differentiating value in their digital transformation. To accomplish this, ALTEN mobilized its expertise in business challenges and Microsoft technologies as well as its capacity to deliver services tailored to client needs, both in terms of delivery mode and quality of service.

Competencies: a rapid ramp-up

随着Microsoft解决方案相关的客户端项目,Alten实现了性能水平,使其能够实现其对其部门客户的承诺,并在七个能力中获得Microsoft Gold认证:

  • Windows &设备
  • 数据中心
  • Data Platform
  • 数据分析
  • Cloud Platform
  • Application Development
  • 应用程序集成


These eight certifications awarded in less than a year signify a rapid ramp-up in Microsoft competencies, made possible specifically by the structuring of a partnership with the objectives of training, certification and the development of services with which ALTEN was already supporting its clients.

Green IT, FinOps, Industry 4.0: dedicated offers for successfully achieving digital transformation

Digital responsibilitywas particularly central to the offers structured by Microsoft and ALTEN. Through the toolkit provided by the IT giant, and in order to achieve its commitments and those of ALTEN in this regard, the challenge lay in the ability to support sector clients in their Green IT and IT for Green initiatives. In other words,它是关于实现生态友好的工具和解决方案Green Code,绿色devops和Ecodesign. ALTEN notably worked in the Netherlands on IT for Green projects whose objective was to provide greener and more economical solutions, based on Microsoft technologies, such as operational management of agricultural greenhouses, IOT and AI projects to manage the detection of unwanted vegetation, etc.


In light of the strengthening of this partnership with Microsoft and its expertise, ALTEN is aiming for Gold level in Security in 2022, and achieving Advanced Specializations certifications for a variety of tools, particularly the Microsoft Azure platform.

由Pascal Deshayes,Alten Cloud&Infra实践经理编制


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