FAST: a turning point for the cockpit platform by ALTEN


Air traffic growth combined with the development of new technologies means that the cockpit environment must constantly evolve to provide pilots with new features. Existing simulators for the validation of new cockpit features cover a wide range of needs, as a result of which they are over-stretched and very costly.

However, some features could be tested in advance. Drawing on this, ALTEN developedin 2016它自己的原型工具:快速。
What if new HMIs were pre-validated without going through a simulator?

As presented in our上一篇文章,Fast是一种简单,灵活的工具,致力于预先验证新的人机接口(HMI),而无需传统的模拟器。

Guillaume Discours, ALTEN’s Cockpit Operations Project Manager.

Discover FAST in 3 minutes, pitched by its teams:

An open environment compatible with the “new world”


  • This is amore open environment than a cockpit因为该平台不包括封闭的结构:更多的用户可以参加会议并讨论HMI预验证。
  • FAST includes various means of support, and the teams have managed to adapt it to遥控使用视频会议软件。如今,由于Alten团队开发的快速工具,因此可以组织HMI预验证而无需彼此见面,这一功能在各种锁定过程中已经证明了飞行员的功能。
  • 传统的超预订平台不再允许将主要航空工业集团的新员工引入驾驶舱界面。快速,the possibility of supporting these newcomers in their orientation becomes feasible once again.

“Keep it simple” as a guiding principle

Beyond the simplicity of its physical and technical deployment, FAST demonstrates its qualities of flexibility and accessibility day after day.

Its accessibility stems fromthe geographical proximity of the ALTEN offices where the FAST platform is located with the engineering departments of major customers in the aeronautics sector: It takes just five minutes to go from one building to another and interact! FAST can also be made available to customer teams to allow them to work directly on the tool independently after an initial training phase provided by ALTEN. On top of that: improvement of skills and enhanced collaboration between teams.

至于灵活性,又美好的团队知道如何广告apt FAST and its equipment on the prototyping component to various aircraft configurations, completely independent, according to customers’ needs. Below are two examples of distinct cockpit environments:

A tested, approved training offer


  • Aircraft development life cycle
  • Design of the cockpit system
  • 了解飞行程序
  • Introduction to the cockpit interface
  • Mastery of flight management principles
  • Achievement of a complete flight

Provided by pilots trained in dedicated schools or via airlines and certified, the training is divided into multiple module levels according to the needs: introduction to flight (Beginner Training), complete flight and flight procedures (Advanced Training), and operational focuses (preparation for flight, in-flight operations, flight management and mode of guidance, and system failures).

Participants all come out of their training module with a USB flash drive containing a recording of their flight, giving them an opportunity to replay the examined case directly from their PC and to further analyse it with their work teams.


Learn more about the origins of the FAST cockpit platform

FAST: a tool for cohesion and professional development

位于图卢兹的Alten团队的开放空间中the platform is more than a solution to support the Group’s customers in their technological challenges. It is also a working tool for learning and sharing.他们全天都可以访问团队,他们在平台周围互动,互相建议,并共同改善自己。



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