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Passionate about technology with a strong engineering culture, high value-added projects, mobility and personalized career support, our teams are mobilized in an innovative and stimulating environment. Whether you are a consultant/engineer, business manager, or support function, our objective is clear: to enable you to live your business in the best conditions.

  • At the heart of innovative technological projects

ALTEN offers you the opportunity to live a fulfilling professional and personal adventure by taking part in the great technological challenges of our time.
Autonomous vehicle, Big Data, Industry 4.0… Join our teams and get involved in building tomorrow’s future.

  • Key player in digital transformation

You will take part in the digital transformation of our customers, by combining your technical skills with our knowledge of the business in agile environments.

  • Boldness and entrepreneurial mindset

Being bold and creative is part of our identity. The Group’s employees share a state of mind that encourages innovation on a daily basis.
Working at ALTEN means immersing yourself every day in a technological environment based on creativity, innovation and seeking solutions.

  • Ready to fast track your career?

You take advantage of the Group’s growth to quickly take on more responsibilities. Each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment, a different sector of activity and thus to master new technologies and methodologies. The Group has developed skills identification processes to match your wishes with ALTEN’s projects at the technical, sectoral and geographical levels.

  • Various mobility opportunities

The Group’s scale and its career management policy open up many opportunities for you to move your career forward in all countries. You will be able to evolve within our 3 fields of expertise, project management and business management with possibilities for mobility at all levels, on all functions and in all countries.

  • Training to support your project

ALTEN sets up an organisation and training programmes in each country, via its internal certifying university (AMPLIFY) and specialised academies.
Technical communities also promote meetings, exchanges of information and good practices.

  • Working in an agile group

ALTEN combines the advantages of a large group with a dynamic of projects where the individual remains the driving force behind success.
凝聚力和团队精神是我们f的值ind in the company, the basis of well-being at work and our excellence.

  • Valuing talent, supporting passions

Welcome to a group that advances you and values talent in all its forms.
In order for everyone to thrive in their profession, we encourage the multiple activities of our employees. All talents are put in motion through programs to support personal initiatives in the sports, cultural or humanitarian fields.

  • Integrate a committed company

As a responsible company, ALTEN develops and supports citizen and solidarity partnerships and offers its employees the opportunity to get involved in these projects.

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