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Even if the first 5G deployments have paved the way for new uses in industry, agriculture or health, the economic equation is still uncertain for operators, especially as their investment capacity has been cut by the drop in roaming income linked to the COVID crisis.

At the same time, the lockdowns (teleworking, home schooling, etc.) have underlined the urgency of deploying the Very High Speed network in all regions.

To meet their massive investment targets in fibre and 5G, operators are optimizing their business model by focusing on spectrum and services. They rely on levers such as the outsourcing of infrastructures, which favors the emergence of the TowerCo giants, as well as the strengthening of their nearshore-offshore policies.

At the same time, the industry is concerned about the problems of connection quality due to scheduling requirements and the cascade of subcontractors involved.

Functional sectors

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To assist the R&D activities of an international telecommunications group, ALTEN set up an engineering service centre for the integration of new equipment of the existing network, and the microwave study on millimetre waves for the deployment of the future 5G network.

In view of the multiplication of TV platforms (connected TV, video game console, etc.), a French telecommunications operator wants to replace the traditional TV decoder, which is expensive to develop and maintain, with a unique application for broadcasting more than 70 TV channels to its subscribers.

在一个hyper-competitive context in the telecoms market, retaining subscribers becomes a crucial issue for operators. In this context, LINCOLN (specialist subsidiary of the ALTEN group) has rolled out a Data Science service centre with a telecoms operator to develop a “Client Scoring” tool used to predict churn rate risks and implement customized marketing actions.

A European telecommunications operator, with more than 3 million homes subscribed to its fixed internet offer, has entrusted ALTEN with the level 2 and 3 (network access and services) customer technical support for an end-to-end incident ticket process.


Network operator

Telefonica, Vodafone Group, Orange Groupe, Bouygues Groupe, Groupe Altice (SFR)…

Network Equipement supplier

Ericsson Group, Qualcomm, Nokia Corporation, Radware…


Canal+ Groupe, Québecor…

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