The collapse of air traffic and national lockdowns have reduced internal security activities in most countries.

But at the same time, the accelerating shift to remote working has exposed many organizations to cyber-attacks.

The giants of the sector are now positioning themselves in the key areas of security in the digital space, foremost among which are the Cloud and digital identity.

This investment is accompanied by numerous initiatives to overcome the shortage of IT and cybersecurity skills: partnerships with software firms, dedicated training programs, etc.

Functional sectors

covered by ALTEN



Space security

Space security

Identity management

Identity management

Our Success Stories

Enabling interoperability between Allied nations in handling air defence information, this unified command and control system covers 10 million square kilometres of airspace and handles all types of air operations (such as air policing).

ALTEN supports a major player in Europe in developing and integrating SOC (Security Operation Centre) solutions in the strategic area of national cybersecurity.


Security solution provider

Airbus D&S, Safran Group, Thales Group, IDEMIA…

Critical infrastructure operator

橙色Groupe,法国兴业银行(Societe Generale) Groupe……

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