The Cloud: a driver of digital transformation

The health crisis the world has been facing since 2020 highlights the importance of achieving a successful digital transformation within your organisation. Companies are seeking to adopt approaches that will enable them to respond to future challenges, such as agile Information Systems, digital sobriety and financial control over IT resources.
To achieve this, they require assistance from players with significant expertise and experience to support and guide them in delivering these changes.

ALTEN supports its customers in the following area in particular: integration and migration to the Cloud, and especially the management of this new Cloud model for their IT systems.

Key steps to meet Cloud challenges

To achieve this goal, you need to follow some key steps to meet customer needs and position yourself as an expert on this subject. The first thing you need to do is tobuild foundations that are able to respond to Cloud-related challenges such as security, governance, financial monitoring and identity management.
The next priority is then toequip consultants with new skills (Cloud, DevOps, Automation)which they will need to support companies in their digital transformation. Secondly, it is also necessary tostructure this new offer in a way that can create an operational model capable of adapting to the new functionalities facilitated by the Cloud.

ALTEN’s philosophy is based on the construction of an SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) approach using DevOps services to manage and optimise applications in the Cloud.

ALTEN solutions: tailored to customer needs

ALTEN is now able to share all its expertise with its partners such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon, not only to ensure their migration to the Cloud, but also to advise them on the management of their existing resources. Nowadays, a digital Cloud-based transformation of this kind is essential, and represents a real opportunity to create agility and flexibility and improve infrastructure security.

In response to this global digital acceleration, ALTEN – with its multi-sector positioning and its expertise in Cloud migrations – can address solutions tailored to the vertical challenges of all these companies, and also draw upon the expertise of its subsidiaries such asLINCOLN, a Data Management specialist andUNIWARE, a specialist in Cloud and DevOps skills.

ALTEN is continuing its strategic efforts, including via the development of new services.目前贝等机制控制工具ng studied to improve this project, ensuring that the allocated budgets are correctly applied and guiding the choice of Cloud architecture in order to ensure optimal consumption in the medium term.

To finish,ALTEN has for the past several years been engaging in a CSR approach and an effort to raise collective awareness of the challenges presented by the impact of digital technology on the environment.With this in mind, both in terms of innovation and the services offered by the Group, ALTEN will focus on putting all of its energy into solutions that can help its customers achieveDigital sobriety: ecological footprint monitoring, support in optimising the consumption of applications, control of the use of information resources, etc.

The Cloud represents both the future and the current reality for companies. It must therefore be controlled and supported, enabling customers of the ALTEN Group to meet their challenges in a society that is pushing for a radical paradigm shift. In an effort to support them,ALTEN provides innovative functional offers for SRE, FinOps andGreen IT.